About Us


KUWALLA is 4 versatile musicians – Kyle Sain (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Brian Huynh (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Marty Griffin (Drums), and Danny Leserman (Bass, Keyboard) – who have been playing together since they were teenagers. Out of the musical melting pot of Southern California, they grab influence from the music that moved them growing up, from indie alternative and hard rock, to punk and blues. All were raised on the music of their environment, which just so happened to be the rich and historical rock community of Los Angeles.

Starting in 2018, they played countless shows up and down the west coast. From the 200+ crowd jumping up and down to KUWALLA at the House of Blues Anaheim, to the tightly packed clubs and bars in Santa Monica, to the dozens of shows in Los Angeles at The Roxy, The Mint, The Silverlake Lounge playing with bands like LAW; Sincerely, Me; That Lying Bitch; and Bristol to Memory just to name a few. KUWALLA has seen an incredible beginning to their history with the sky as the limit.

KUWALLA will be releasing singles regularly, culminating in an album to be released in late 2020.

Their message to the world is to be true to yourself and do what you think is best; listen to what you want; without judgement. KUWALLA wants their audience to leave their shows feeling refreshed, whether it’s from sitting and enjoying the music or from blowing off steam on the dance floor!

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